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Chocolate Gourmet Candy  |  Sweet Chocolates  |  Gourmet Chocolates  |  Pecan Clairs

Pecan Clairs
Pecan Clairs 
This wonderful chocolate candy "Pecan Clairs" is also known as "Annaclairs."
A sweet, scrumptious vanilla cream filling, topped with fresh, roasted, crisp pecan pieces.
The perfect flavor filled sweet treat surrounded with rich, creamy gourmet milk chocolate. 1 pound
Price Includes Free Shipping!

Price: $39.95

Quantity Available October 1st


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Making and Tasting Chocolate

Some of the steps in making chocolate are fermenting and
drying, cleaning, sorting and roasting, winnowing, grinding,
pressing, conching, tempering and the best job anywhere is
the tasting. Yes tasting must be done for quality control!
Anyone’s and everyone’s favorite thing...tasting or eating
chocolate. Candy and especially chocolate makes any day
a special occasion. Chocolate has been used for celebrations
for thousands of years.
Enjoy some luscious, creamy, sweet, rich fresh gourmet
chocolate anytime night or day. Be a happier person....eat
more chocolate.


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