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Indulge In Delicious Fresh Chocolate Sweet Treats

Enjoy chocolate sweet treats that taste so much better, because they are fresh made! Allow your taste buds to come alive with Chocolate Gourmet Candy’s unbelievably, scrumptious varieties of delectable sweets and fresh Belgian chocolate. Sample the difference of delicious fresh chocolate sweet treats and gourmet chocolate. A taste experience that is amazing and will astonish chocolate and sweets lovers.

Winter Holiday Brownie Gift Box of 6
Winter Holiday Brownie Gift Box of 6
Holly Berry Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Wands
Holly Berry Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Wands
Festive Christmas Brownie Gift Box of 6
Festive Christmas Brownie Gift Box of 6
Chocolate Molded Christmas Sandwich Cookies
Chocolate Molded Christmas Sandwich Cookies
Winter Snowflakes Belgian Gourmet Truffle Cake Bons
Winter Snowflakes Belgian Gourmet Truffle Cake Bons
Festive Christmas Bubble Chums
Festive Christmas Bubble Chums


As a chocolate lover you owe it to yourself to experience fresh chocolate sweet treats that will please your palate. You will taste the difference; and once you taste fresh made decadent sweets and fresh gourmet Belgian will love them.

To ensure optimum freshness, our confectionery artisans and chocolate craftsman make our luxurious gourmet chocolate confection treats in small batches.

Truly fresh gourmet chocolate decadent sweets have a out-of-the-ordinary taste and a melt in your mouth flavor.

Each fresh chocolate confectionery treat is made when you order. (not made and stockpiled for months, like other chocolate sweets in warehouses awaiting shipment).

We offer a unique and imaginative product line of fresh gourmet chocolate gifts and edibles. Spend some time browsing our selections of yummy fresh gourmet irresistible decadent sweets, then indulge and spoil yourself with a moment of pleasure that will tempt you again and again.

You will find we are passionate about delicious fresh made chocolate sweet treats, fast delivery and putting our customers first. What are you waiting for?

Team at Chocolate Gourmet Candy

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